Large-size Machining, Difficult-to-Cut Materials, Refined Machining are specialty of GIKENSEIKI CO., LTD.

Working with Difficult-to-Cut Materials

[]Difficult-to-cut Materials

It might not be easy to come up with images of various Difficult-to-cut materials all at once. Difficult-to-cut material is literally a material in general that are Difficult-to-Cut. A decade ago, stainless steel was considered as Difficult-to-Cut material; However, due to the developments of innovative techniques of cutting blades, it is now able to be excluded.
These materials may be grouped into few types based on their characteristics; low thermal conductive material such as super alloy and titanium, ductile material such as pure nickel and native copper, material of high hardness and brittleness such as ceramics and glass. Characteristics of each type of material greatly affect the selection of machining methods, conditions, equipments and tools.

[]Difficult-to-cut Materials We Have Full Experience with

We have broad experience mainly in the following Difficult-to-Cut materials; Inconel, Titanium, Hactelloy, Super Invar, Nickel, Metal Matrix Composites, and LEX (Low Thermal Expansion Coefficient Material). Especially for cutting of inconel and LEX, we deal with dozens of types per year, compiling valuable data. We had an occasion before of an inconel product brought in from the United States, where people had difficulty finding proper cutting method. We eventually resolved the problem with our experience to cut appropriately. We were highly praised by the client with the result then.

[]Compilation of Machining Technologies

In working with Difficult-to-cut materials, there are situations where conventional machining just cannot comprehend aptly. Vital factors need to be put into consideration for optimal result; namely rigidity of machining tool, stiffness of cutting tool and holding assembly, maintenance of machining temperature, suitable selection of machining components etc. At Giken Seiki, by dealing with dozens of Difficult-to-Cut materials every year, we compiled extensive knowhow and database. We also work with coating companies on co-developing blade coating technologies obtaining Utility Model Registrations. In inconel machining, we have precision rate of 0.006mm in width tolerance. In LEX, we realize flatness within 0.02mm over 1,000mm x 1,000mm area. We contribute with our latest machining technologies in the field of airplane, automobile, semiconductor manufacturing equipments, LCD steppers, medical instruments, drilling equipment and wide variety of other industries. If you have any needs in Difficult-to-Cut material machining, please contact us at once. Our professional technicians will always be ready to work with their vast experience to meet your complex needs.

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