Large-size Machining, Difficult-to-Cut Materials, Refined Machining are specialty of GIKENSEIKI CO., LTD.


Double-Column Machining Centers
Total of 12 units
Double Column Machining Center, having two or more columns in gate like framing holding the central axis, has high rigidity and precision, enabling to increase in size of the unit.
We are capable of sizing up to 8000mm x 4200mm. (Please contact for detail.)
The unit has five faces machining capability to process on side of objects of large structure.
Vertical Machining Center
Total of 41 units
A machining center relatively compact on vertical direction.
Because the center axis is comparatively light, and easy to handle, enabling fast rotation and sending; it is suitable for micromachining.
Our unit features a rotary tilting table, making it easy to work from various angles.
We also have five-axis synchronized machining center for machining impellors and ports.
Horizontal Machining Center
Total of 36 units
A machining center with horizontal center axis, having less restriction on height limitation compared to the vertical machining center, ideal for using long blade.
It allows automatic operation by installing multiply stacking rotational pallets.
We also have five-axis synchronized machining same as in the vertical machining center.
CNC Lathes
Total of 11 units
A computer controlled milling center driving a single point tool for milling on a rotating work object.

We also have total of 10 units of million machine
Grinder 8 units
Extremely fine particles are fixed on a fast rotating grinding stone with bonding agent, grinding in line contact with the work, enabling grinding on very hard material at the same time extremely fine finish with very small scraping.
Our width tolerance is less than 0.001mm and roughness of Rz 0.8.
Measuring equipment
Total of 7 units
Three dimensional precision measuring machine, measuring coordinate, diameter, angle etc of complex shaped machined products, also capable of repetitive CNC measuring with numeric control on the drive.

We also have two units of roughness and shape profile measurer and a roundness tester.
A Computer aided designing and manufacturing support system, modeling the product in solid and surface to produce CNC database to control the machining center.
We have two to five dimensional CAM systems in order to correspond with products of various shapes and sizes.

*In addition to the use of above listed equipments, we are capable of co-operating our partner companies to propose a consistent machining in one package from heat processing to surface finishing.
Please contact us for any needs you have on machining.

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