Large-size Machining, Difficult-to-Cut Materials, Refined Machining are specialty of GIKENSEIKI CO., LTD.
RACING Large-size Machining 5-axis machining High-precision machining Strict quality control

We are proud to be the leader in the industry for machining technique and accuracy, from Refined Machining to Large-size Machining from aluminum to Difficult-to-Cut Materials.

Primary Products

  • Manufacturing of high performance engine parts and transmission parts.
  • Manufacturing of Parts for semiconductor production equipment and mirror projection mask aligner for LCD.
  • Manufacturing of aircraft jet engine components on camber and turbine.
  • Robotic component parts.
  • Medical device parts.
  • Machined prototype products from all kinds of metal materials.

Machining samples

  • Cut product with crossing holes within 5micron inner diameter of inconel 718.
  • Globe model and brisk made with 5axis machining center.
  • 3D Aero Parts model by speedy machining.
  • Hale machining product for packing channel.
  • Large size product within flatness 0.03mm.
  • Triple trapezoidal screw thread with CNC Lathe.

Main equipments

  • Machining centers (Double-Column Machining Centers, Vertical Machining Centers, Horizontal Machining Centers ) ; 89units.
  • 3D-CMC; 7units.

  • CNC Lathes, CNC profile grinder, CNC surface grinder, CNC inner grinder,Precision automatic honing machine, roundness tester, surface roughness measurement, Microwave washer, laser marker, Industrial scope.
Our Machining technology is adopted in the world forefront.

5axis machining

A state of the art machining
by 5 axis MC

Deep hole

High precision machining
deep holes


Machining thin deep blades

Trial production

Speciality of high mix
and low volume production

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