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Hale Machining
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Product Description
In Hale Machining, a single point tool with flattened tip moves horizontally, a process mainly use for machining a sealing surface.
Unlike conventional milling, this process enables the state of high vacuum on a sealed surface with absence of arc-like scratch marks which create minuscule gap to let air infiltrate through.

Product Data
Material: Aluminum Alloy (A5052)
Size: 200mm x 200mm x 20mm
Channel Depth: 1mm
Roughness in Channel: Rz0.7

Process Data
Processor: MAKINO Horizontal Machining Center
Finishing Tool: 3mm/4mm wide Hale Tool
Processing Time: 60min.

Focal Point
The manufacturing (forming) technique of the haling tool is essential in keeping the quality (precision) of the product which is greatly affected by the base metal, rake and clearance angle, profile irregularity in blade edge of the tool.
Using our special haling tool, we keep the roughness of 0.7micron R max.
We also correspond with complex shapes with the built-in haling capability, controlling the blade face constantly on its moving direction.


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