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Machining Samples

Pin Style Vacuum Chuck
pinchuck01 pinchuck02 pinchuck04
Product Description
Our Pin style vacuum chuck is used to anchor a flat object such as glass substrates by creating vacuum in numerous points (w/ indented pinheads) that are placed on the surface.
This particular product is thin and large with its size being 30mm (H) 1300mm (W) 1300mm (L), however, requiring extremely high precision with flatness tolerance of 0.01~0.03mm.

Product Data
Material: Aluminum Alloy (A5052)
Size: 1300mm x 1300mm x 30mm
Roughness: Rz6.3
Flatness: 0.03mm

Process Data
Processor: Double Column Machining Center
Channel Machining Tool: 6mm End Mill
Processing Time: 16hr. Points only

Focal Point
The focal point of this machining is how to minimize the distortion of a large and thin plate, and conduct machining efficiently.
Temperature settings and preciseness of measuring equipments during machining and measuring are essential besides machining technique, due to its areal size.


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