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Triple Trapezoidal Screw Thread
Triple Trapezoidal Screw Thread01 Triple Trapezoidal Screw Thread02
Product Description
A screw thread having three starts, each shifted by 120 degree, with profile of trapezoidal outline is called Triple Trapezoidal screw thread.
It is used for heavy duty machine tool or machine parts requiring fast action for having a large lead.
This special screw is manufactured with high speed machining using a CNC lathe.

Product Data
Material: Aluminum Alloy (A5056)
External Diameter: phi87.5
Length: 540
Lead: 51.6

Process Data
Processor: CNC Lathe
Finishing Tool: Threading Tool (Custom made)
Processing Time: 3hrs.

Focal Point
Because a blade is not available on the market for machining a screw thread having a special trapezoidal profile as in this particular product, it had to be manufactured in-house.
One needs a broaden knowledge along with well compiled data for machining this screw thread due to having a lead (distance per turn of male screw) of 50mm and requiring exceptionally heavy load upon machining.


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