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Machining Samples

Sphere Model
Sphere Model01 Sphere Model02 Sphere Model03
Product Description
This is a sample of Five-Axis Synchronized Machining.
The center of the piece is hollow; a tool is inserted from narrow hole and widens the center space with synchronized five axis machining.
The side of each hole is lined with the direction toward to the center of the piece, making a shape unlike the conventional three-dimensional machining.
Swarf machining, (cutting with the side of an end mill) enabled smoother cut face in shorter processing time.

Product Data
Material: Aluminum alloy(A5056)
External Diameter: (φ)150mm
Height: 180mm
Thickness: 5mm
Roughness: Rz12.5

Process Data
Processor: Upright Five-Axis Synchronized Machining Center
Finishing Tool: Inner Shaping R5Ball End Mill
Outer Shaping 10mm Flat End Mill
Hole: 4mm Flat End Mill

Focal Point
High degree of control of toolpath is required to align each machined part.
One needs a mathematical approach for an exact toolpath not obtainable with a simple calculation using CAM.


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