Large-size Machining, Difficult-to-Cut Materials, Refined Machining are specialty of GIKENSEIKI CO., LTD.


Company Information

In 1969, we started our business in manufacturing of a head cylinder assembly for a high performance engine on behalf of Honda Research and Development.
Under a strict quality control, we accomplished completion and delivery of our product in exceptionally tight delivery schedule.
Since then, we have been keeping our continuous effort pursuing for development of products through creation of consistent operation steps from establishment of new manufacturing method to completion of making an end-product.
Today, our experience in machining is highly recognized in such field as airplane engine components; we manufacture various test piece parts including oil pressure parts for Honda Jet.
Our technology and experience on machining, cutting and grinding of Difficult-to-Cut materials such as nickel alloy (inconel 718), titanium alloy are vastly extensive operations.
We are also highly recognized by major corporations in machining; Canon is one of our major client.
With constant strict regulation on quality control and on time delivery, we are regularly making improvements on production management system for further recognition by the market.
In order to enhance our performance on work quality, we are presently planning to file for JIS Q9100 (Japan Industrial Standard quality control management system in aerospace industry, equivalent of AS9100 in US and EN9100 in EU).

Main Products

  • Prototype parts and racing parts for motorcycles and automotives
  • Parts for semiconductor production equipment and mirror projection mask aligner for LCDs
  • Camber and turbine parts for development of aircraft jet engine
  • Robotic components and assembling parts for prototype development
  • Medical instruments
  • Parts for three dimensional coordinated measuring machine
  • Machined prototype parts
  • Vacuum pump parts
  • Parts for drill bits

Possible materials to cut

We can deal with materials as follows.

  • SS400,S45C,SCM420 General steel
  • SUS303,SUS304,SUS440,SUS630 SUS
  • A2000,A6000,A7000 Aluminum
  • ZK60,AZ80,WE54 Magnesium
  • C1100,C1700,C3604 Copper
  • Ti-6AL-4V Titanium
  • FC,FCD Casting alloy
  • Inconel alloy,MMC
  • Fiber Plastic

*Please contact us for details.

Work Size

We can machine work size as follows

  • 8000 D x 4200 W x 1000 H Machining Center
  • (φ)3500 x 1500 Lath
  • 1300 D x 500 W x 550 H CNC surface grinder
  • ~ (φ)400 x 1000 CNC profile grinder
  • (φ)6 ~ (φ)200 CNC inner grinder
  • ~ (φ)140 x 450 Precision automatic honing machine

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