Large-size Machining, Difficult-to-Cut Materials, Refined Machining are specialty of GIKENSEIKI CO., LTD.

Steps toward to Large Size Machining

[]Our Challenge on Machining Larger Sized Products


Our root on precision machining of large size of product goes back to 1991 when we received an order for a LCD aligner necessary for LCD panel manufacturing.
You may imagine a large size part being such as 10m long shaft of a large vessel; however, our definition of a large product is within the maximum size of 8,000mm by 4,200mm by 1,000mm.
We have been highly acclaimed for precision machining in micrometer level of products such as high performance engine parts; we, however, had to start from scratch on development of precision machining techniques of large size products.
For every unfamiliar problem in tooling, parts-handling, application steps, dimensioning or warping of large machining we encountered, we resolved each of them with our compiled experience and knowhow on past machining.

[]Large Size Machining Facility

Initially, we started the large size machining with two 4000mmx2000mmx400mmMCR.
We kept investing in facility improvements; we presently have nine MCR with maximum capacity of 8000mmx4200mmx1000mm, being able to capacitate with comprehensive needs of the market.

At Giken Seiki, We guarantee on precision of our large size machining products.
In order to provide such guarantee, we are equipped with 3D measuring machine (3005mmx1205mmx1005mm)for large size machined products.

Please see the Factory Facility for detail

[]High Level of Accuracy on Large Size Machining

Being large in size certainly does not mean being large in precision inaccuracy.
Our precision rate is within 0.01mm on 1,000mmx1,000mm area.
On some of our large size products, we are capable of micron level of accuracy.

Please see the Machining Sample for detail

[]Sample Case of Our Machining Quality

  • For parts used in measuring machines, we used to polish them after machining in order to meet the precision requirements; now we take one simple step of machining the parts for suitable forming and accuracy, vastly reducing the lead-time and cost of manufacturing, an enormous advantage returned directly to our clients.
  • For medical instruments which require particularly high level of precision, we provide quality guarantee on our products by instituting thorough training along with well established machining procedure, so that even a first year technician can manufacture in high precision.
  • For optical instruments, we have some twenty years of experiences.
    We are competent in meeting every precision requirement on large size machining components.

Our level of technology has always been improved by doing our best to meet the complex needs of our clients.
Now we have nine MCR five-faced machining centers for large size machining.
We will always continue to put our relentless effort in pursuit of higher customer satisfaction.
For all your large size machining needs, we sincerely hope we will be able to help you in near future.

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