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Machining Samples

Blisk [Blade In Disk]
blisk01 blisk02
Product Description
Conventionally, each rotor blade of a jet engine is installed on a disk due to problems with heat expansion. Blisk (Blade In Disk) is a single module, unifying the blade and disk, enabled with new design method. This is a sample machined with five axis synchronized machining center.

Product Data
Material:Aluminum alloy (A5056)
External Diameter: (φ)300mm
Thickness: 25mm
Number of Blade: 40
Length of Blade: 75mm
Thickest Part of Blade: 2.5mm
Thinnest Part of Blade: 0.5mm
Roughness: Rz6.3

Process Data
Processor: Vertical Five-Axis Synchronized Machining Center
Finishing Tool: R3Ball End Mill
Processing Time: 120min. approx. per blade

Focal Point
Heat resistant alloys such as inconel is commonly used; here, we used aluminum alloy for thinning the module. The focal point of this machining is absence of any cracks generally inevitable in conventional machining.


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