Large-size Machining, Difficult-to-Cut Materials, Refined Machining are specialty of GIKENSEIKI CO., LTD.

Machining Samples

Sphere Model
This is a sample of Five-Axis Synchronized Machining. The center of the piece is hollow; a tool is inserted from narrow hole and widens the center space with synchronized five axis machining. The side of each hole is lined with the direction toward the center of the piece, making a shape unlike the conventional three-dimensional machining. Swarf machining, (cutting with the side of an end mill) enabled smoother cut face in shorter processing time.
Cross Hole
Inconel is a heat and pressure resisting alloy often used in jet engine component.
It is generally considered difficult-to-cut material, and indeed difficult to work on.
In machining this material, we realize cross hole drilling with cylindricity of 0.01mm, inside diameter tolerance of 0.005mm.
Conventionally, each rotor blade of a jet engine is installed on a disk due to problems with heat expansion.
Blisk (Blade in Disk) is a single module, unifying the blade and disk, enabled with new design method.
This is a sample machined with five axis synchronized machining center.
With advancement in molding and casting, metal parts may be formed efficiently with no cutting process.
However, for test piece in small production volume, machining without a mold is essential to meet the cost and delivery time requirement.
This is a test piece sample of machined aero parts made out of a solid square, having smooth curve and high level of precision not achievable in molding and casting.
Hale Machining
In Hale Machining, a single point tool with flattened tip moves horizontally, a process mainly use for machining a sealing surface.
Unlike conventional milling, this process enables the state of high vacuum on a sealed surface with absence of arc-like scratch marks which create minuscule gap to let air infiltrate through.
Our Pin style vacuum chuck is used to anchor a flat object such as glass substrates by creating vacuum in numerous points (w/ indented pinheads) that are placed on the surface.
This particular product is thin and large with its size being 30mm (H) 1300mm (W) 1300mm (L), however, requiring extremely high precision with flatness tolerance of 0.01~0.03mm.
Triple Trapezoidal Screw Thread
A screw thread having three starts, each shifted by 120 degree, with profile of trapezoidal outline is called Triple Trapezoidal screw thread.
It is used for heavy duty machine tool or machine parts requiring fast action for having a large lead.
This special screw is manufactured with high speed machining using a CNC lathe.
PORT/ Chamber Machining
In Mass Production Engine category, PORT/Chamber of Cylinder Head are casting or forged shapes.
In Racing Engine category, PORT/Chamber of Cylinder Head are shaped ideal profile by machining.
We are seeking to get ideal profile & face by rich experience of 5 axis programing & machining center.
Kick Arm
To consider cost & delivery lead time,
we often chose,we have machined Kick Arm of Motorcycle from solid materials.
Impeller combined Shroud
Impeller combined Shroud for Low Pressure Turbine are made from solid material.
It get strength and hardness against thermally-deforming.

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